The vast majority of Liberty Blue’s clients come to us through referrals.

Many of these referrals come from our clients, friends, and business associates.

But often times, our clients come from our network of the best and brightest insurance agents, CPA’s, and other trusted advisors. Liberty Blue steps in when needed and helps them with finding the best PEO, payroll, and staffing solutions for their clients.

See, the true experts in their field, are humble enough to admit that they are not experts in ours.
The PEO industry is very convoluted and involves multiple, vital aspects of the client’s business including payroll, taxes, workers comp, and many times the benefits and retirement. That is quite a few eggs in one basket.

How do you know which companies are actually paying their taxes? (some don’t).
How do you know if the PEO actually has effective Work Comp?
How do you know what all those hidden rates and fees really mean to you?

The valued, trusted advisors are most concerned with finding the best solution in the marketplace for their client.

The only time these experts don’t work with a PEO broker like Liberty Blue is out of greed, or arrogance.

Some agents just want the most money and they put their clients with the highest bidder first, regardless of price.

That method is bound to backfire, when the agent’s client realizes due to the efforts of a broker like us, that they are being massively overcharged. This will not only cost money, it will cost trust and credibility, and could ultimately cost the agent all of their lines of business with the client.

Others work with 2 or 10 companies and think they have all their bases covered.

News flash: There are over 900 PEO’s now operating in the U.S.

2 or 10 companies isn’t going to cut it, especially in today’s fast paced and connected world.

No one likes getting ripped off and no one likes getting bad advice.

That’s where we come in. We work for the agent and the client, to find the best deal available today in the marketplace for the client’s specific situation.

We get involved with the process from quoting, presenting, underwriting, enrolling, and servicing.

We have a fair, residual payout program to ALL of our referral partners, not just the ones with the fancy titles and degrees.

If you are a person of influence with your customers, we would like to talk with you and look at potentially building a referral partnership.

We pay our Agent Partners for the entire life of any account, and we also pay on any referrals or additional lines of business we receive from the original account.

We work hard to protect our agents and partners’ lines of business as well, from other competitors.

We also believe in partnering with the best agents, so our clients get an advantage through utilizing our network of agents. Our agents benefit from receiving national or regional leads back from us, in their related fields of expertise. We believe in building a reciprocal, mutually beneficial partnership.

Areas we refer business out to our partners currently and adding:

  • Life and Health Insurance – Group and Personal
  • Staffing Companies – Temp to Hire, Direct Hire/Perm Placement
  • P&C – Group and Personal – GL, Auto, Home
  • CPA’s – Accounting/Taxes/Bookkeeping Services
  • Retirement Plans/Financial Advisors – Group and Personal
  • Personal and Corporate Banking
  • Funding, Time & Attendance, HR, CRM, Merchant Services, Signs, Promotional Materials, Advertising, and more…

If this is something you are interested in, please reach out to us and set up a time to sit down and speak further. We would love to be your trusted PEO broker, or the PEO division of your agency.