What exactly is a PEO?

PEO stands for Professional Employer Organization.

It is basically a large group of smaller client employers that pool together to limit and manage their risk and qualify for lower rates based on the large scales in which they pay for Work Comp, Medical Insurance, etc.

Under a PEO arrangement, it is a “co-employer relationship”, so the PEO becomes the “Employer of Record“, taking on more liability and responsibility than a basic payroll company when it comes to their co-employment obligations. But, the employer really loses no control whatsoever over their company or decision making, as all agreements list the client as the “Worksite Employer” handling day to day management, hiring, firing, performance evaluations, etc.

Client companies can find several business and cost advantages with a PEO. The trick and time consuming aspect is finding the right PEO. With over 900 PEO’s in America and each focusing on a small niche, how do I find the right company without it becoming a full-time job?

This is where Liberty Blue Options comes in:

You’ve heard of Trivago, Lending Tree, Travelocity, Select Quote, Quicken Loans, Hotels.com, and other new, big and growing companies like these, right?

They all provide a similar service like Liberty Blue Options, in their respective industries.
These companies formed a successful business model that helped their clients and customers save time, money, and energy by taking all the work out of shopping for (hotels, loans, vacations, mortgages, life insurance) vital aspects of our personal and business lives.

They hired experts to research all of the companies out there and negotiated the best rates possible with each of them.

Our expert team cuts out the salespeople. We know every company is going to tell you their company, product, and rates are the best. We cut through the fluff. We work as our client’s advocate. Our only goal is to find the best programs and rates for our clients.

The best part is that our clients NEVER pay us a dime!

Our team sifts through dozens to hundreds of companies to find the best Rates and PEO/Payroll Company/Insurance Provider(s) to meet your company’s specific needs based on a handful of criteria:

States of Operation, Work Comp Codes or Industry, Annual Payroll Volume, Approximate Employee Count, and whether or not there is a need for Medical Insurance or 401K.

Next, we negotiate with the Owners and Upper Level Management of the PEO’s and Payroll Companies to see where we can get some rates adjusted and fees dropped.

After that, we find the best fit for our client and manage the enrollment and transition process from start to finish. We make sure the changeover is as seamless as possible, and all the target timelines are hit.

Our professionals work with different companies nationwide on this process from start to finish every week with new companies, so we maintain a very high standard and commitment of service to our clients and their employees.