The trick and time consuming aspect is finding the right PEO. This is so important when a client is trusting that one company with vital aspects of the business and their employees’ families such as the employees’ paychecks, company and employee tax filings, Workers’ Comp insurance, Benefits, 401K, etc.

With over 900 PEO’s out there and each focusing on a small niche, how does one find the right company?

Well, this is exactly why many companies use Liberty Blue Options.

There have also been a number of PEO’s in trouble for not doing things the right way. How do I know if my PEO is paying our/their taxes?

With so much riding on selecting the right company, it makes sense to trust an industry insider and professional to advise you.

Not only do we cut out the salesperson, but our ownership team has personal friendships and relationships with the owners of over a dozen PEO’s.

This allows us to negotiate better rates, ensure better service, and provide better consulting for our clients than anyone else out there in the marketplace.

We have saved companies with as few as 3-4 employees from $5,000-$25,000 per year.

But beyond that, our specialty is high-risk placements. We can work with new businesses, companies with 1 or more employees, as well as ANY industry, even the most challenging industries like roofers, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, fireworks, amusement park rides, non profits, GC’s, and more.

Our team works extremely hard, to make sure our client has confidence and peace of mind, that they ALWAYS have the most competitive solution available in the marketplace, at any given time.

Our clients NEVER pay us a dime, so give us a try!

We are happy to provide a FREE, no-hassle quote for our clients.